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One Last Visit to a Finished Chapter

It has been a year since I last made my previous entry. Due, however, to the incessant demand of my sister, I have decided to make  another entry.

I am about to embark on another journey in this continuous life of mine in the College of Law. Suffice it to say, it would be nice to look back to my first year, when I was introduced to the harsh and brutal reality of law school, and what it is like to understand, if not to master, the science of the law, along with its idiosyncrasies and ironies.

Life in law school is quite different from college. In the latter, the luxury of time woas at the palm of my hands; the professors there were not that strict, and the assignments were in writing. Also, the professors would instruct us to report on a particular assigned subject matter only when they fail to discuss or if time was running out. Indeed, life in college is fun, and I loved it.

Things were totally different in the College of Law. There, time was scarce. Our professors would assign a truckload of reading assignments. Upon entering class, one must be equipped with the knowledge he should have learned from the given tasks. Similarly, the conduct of classes would be done through Socratic method (or recitation), wherein the professor would call on a student and will ask a barrage of questions coming from the given assignments or elsewhere. It would be a great frustration if a student fails to answer. That is why a law student must not only study his/her heart out but also master the art of praying.

As I slowly inched my way in the College of Law, I was battered, bruised but honed to the markings of law school. Though my experiences there were intense, not to mention heart-breaking instances, I can safely say that I had fun in my first year, because I know that this is the track I always wanted to soldier upon. Just as I gave emphasis in my previous entry, truth be told that I will become a member of the Bar.

I truly believe that all of us have one life to live and experiences to share that will eventually bear fruit. With diligence and perseverance,  I have faith that I, too, shall finish what I have started. Otherwise, for me, I have not lived the life that I have foreseen.

It is indeed nice to reminisce some of the things that made me into the person I am now. However, the race is far from over. As classes are about to begin, it would be nice to remind myself of the reason why I entered law school in the first place. Knowing this, I know I have the fair chance of achieving those God-given dreams in my heart. Kudos!


Answering a calling

Many are called, but few are chosen.

What is a calling?

A calling, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence. In my understanding, it is something that connects us–through our passion, principles and talents, among many others–to the Will of our God above us; a purpose perhaps. That is why knowing what you are born to do is truly important. This will not only give you fulfillment, but also a burning desire to help others, especially in their distress. Undeniably, heeding to our God-given calling is a must, if we want to live a happy and fruitful life.

For many years in my elementary and secondary studies, I was made to believe that I really wanted to become a priest. I was active in reading the lives of the saints and the books of the Bible. I was also eager to comprehend what the Magisterium, the teaching authority of the Catholic Church, had to say on some complex understanding in the Gospel. But, with some twisting of events, my interest in Canon Law, Church History, and Biblical studies eventually subsided, not to mention that decision on whether to leave or not to leave my family behind if ever I chose the religious vocation. As confusion was starting to get into my nerves, I consulted my situation to our Spiritual Moderator back in my freshmen year in my high school days. I can never forget what his advice: Huwag ka na maging pari, baka ang anak mo na lang (Don’t be a priest, probably your son will). And just like that, my desire to become a priest vanished in thin air.

At that moment, I felt inner peace. I now understand that God might be calling me in another profession. But the question remains: what do I really want to become?

Mysteriously, after setting aside my priestly desire, something happened that up to this day, I seem to remember it quite vividly. There was this class in our Filipino subject. We were instructed to read an essay about social media and how it affects the Philippine society. As I was reading it, I realized that I really like being updated and involved in social issues and current events. It was very interesting to a point that as the teacher asked any volunteer to render their opinion about the reading material, I gladly raised my hand and gave my insights and learning regarding the said text. After expressing what I had to say, my teacher told me something that I can never forget, which at this point is still in depths of my brain: Alam mo, pede ka maging isang abogado (You know what, I think you can become a lawyer). That was very touching because I know that being a lawyer is something to be proud off. But, young as I was, I did not give such pronouncement any form of credence. As the day ended, nothing came out from such statement. Ironically, though I did not consider it before as something important, now, I can say, that was not only a plain sentence but, for me, a prediction of what I can become. And that is something I am happy to say and remember.

Still, during those years, becoming a lawyer remained to be a last resort as I opted to try out other things. Being in a technical school, we were trained–but not required–to take up engineering for our college degree. But as I learned, I knew that engineering was not for me. Yet, in my senior year in high school, becoming a lawyer was still an option. Then came college.

I proceeded to take on a business course. There, I was exposed to a lot of business concepts and fields, which I found it to be helpful in having a source of income. Still, there was that burning desire of knowing what will I become. I knew that although I might become a businessman/entrepreneur, it was not something that I was passionate about. On my 2nd year in my college days, I read a book entitled Talent is not Enough by John Maxwell. The author, as he was explaining the value of honing one’s talent, gave a strong emphasis on knowing your passion. And then I reflected. What do I want? For days I reflected on such predicament.

After 2 days of reflecting, a strong realization popped up on my mind. Off all the options in my list, the one that remained was that of trying what a lawyer is all about.

On October 31, 2010, after gracing a party, I went to to the mini-library of my grandfather to try comprehending the law. As I was reading those text-heavy books, my heart started to palpitate. I have no idea what made it happened. But my heart was starting to beat faster. I later realized that studying the law was something I have interest in, aside from history and politics. But come to think of it, history, politics and law are inter-connected. And I will not discover such great interest if it wasn’t for my grandfather’s books. And for that I am grateful.

Then came my summer vacation. I felt relieved because I will now have the time to familiarize some of the laws that I’ll be tackling in my further studies. So I read, and read some more. Everything was smooth sailing… until I read some of the statements made from a cyber forum. It was there that they discussed law school stuff, particularly how hard it is. That came to my surprise. I know that taking up law is not a walk in the park, but I did not realize that it would be that hard. As a result, I was discouraged. I had the notion that probably everything that I thought was just a sad imagination. Eventually, I began to have second thoughts, sadly.

As my vacation was about to end, I was starting to pump myself for my junior year. I wanted to do my best before finally deciding on what to do after college. It was also a point of consideration since this would be my first time to have a law subject; I got to know if I fit the bill. As my school days progressed, every subject seems to be alright, until we met our law professor. On a thursday evening, at around 7:40 in the evening, our professor came in. Of course, he was a lawyer, working under the Office of the Solicitor General. He introduced himself as an alumnus of our school. Afterwards, he narrated to us some of the cases he encountered after passing the bar. The day ended with him giving us our assignments.

As I went home, I began to feel both the nervousness and the excitement for my law subject. I did not know what to expect. Uncertainty entered into my mind as I opened my law book. When our subsequent meeting came, I was both prepared and unprepared. When he arrived, silence spread throughout the room like a wildfire. My classmates, as they later recalled, were very nervous on that meeting. Likewise, I, too, was shaking on my knees. He later asked the class if there are any volunteers.  Reluctant yet excited, I slowly raised my hand. That day was very scary. Pressure was on my head and on my knees. It was a roller coaster ride for me. As my recitation ended, I sat down and stared blankly. It was an experience I can never forget. But as time went on, I began to understand how to recite well: preparation. From then on, I knew that I should always come to class prepared, though not thoroughly. When I took my midterm exam, I was shocked; not only was it long but also it was difficult. I had a hard time answering those questions in a span of one hour and thirty minutes.

Frustration came when I saw the result of my midterm exam; I had a grade of 69.2% and my midterm grade was a 3.00 (or equivalent of a 75-76%). It was really disheartening. But what’s more devastating is the series of events that will take place by September of 2011. On the first week of the said month, there was a move to change our professor. I did not object since I knew that if I continue on with him as my professor, there was a possibility that I will fail. My instincts wanted to give up because I was already demoralized. But when our professor was rotated to another class, I felt very terrible. I knew that his standards were high so that we would do our best. Still, I gave in to my emotions and to failing. I regretted it a lot. From that point on, I decided that I if ever I wanted something, I must not let anything–even failure itself–stop me from achieving what I really wanted. Another realization that I made was that I really wanted to become a lawyer, whatever it takes. My focus then  was hardwired into taking up law. I started to read more laws and cases. My purpose started to become clearer and clearer.

Hence, with finality, I decided that after graduating, I will immediately take up law. That was a good decision, I must say.

I will always be thankful to God for helping me discover who I really am and what I really wanted. Thank you Lord. 🙂

Knowing what you are born to do is truly important. This will not only give you fulfillment, but also a burning desire to help others, especially in their distress. I hope and I pray that you might find what you are called to do. 🙂

Miracle of Mother Vailankanni*


There was a miracle in Vailankanni Church, India in the 16th century. Today nobody has heard about the church of Vailankanni. One Sunday, Mother Mary appeared in the form of an INFANT to a person. She told him, “Do not be afraid, have faith and listen to me. I am to this world. Print 200 leaflets in my name, and distribute to the people to spread the message to wash away sins and receive goodness in life. Do it in my name,” saying this, Mother Mary (who was in the form of INFANT JESUS) dissappeared. Hearing this, the man in Vishalatnam printed 515 leaflets and distributed the same. After a few days, the man receives the blessing of Mother Mary and got 50 rupee taks by lottery.

In Agra, a man printed 615 leaflets. Within 24 days, he got a pot of gold coins through the blessing of Mother Mary.

A poor man, who thought of printing this message was blessed by Mother Mary and got a job. Later, he printed 1,000 leaflets in thanksgiving.

Another person, who did not believe in this, mocked and destroy the leaflets. This disbeliever lost his son.

A man passed Rashbal, in Agra read this message and delayed it by one month. He had a great loss in his business and loss his wife.

In a place called Lathara, 5 people together printed 2,530 leaflets and distributed the same. Mother Mary blessed them and they receive good profits in their business.

Hearing this, a poor man printed 1,000 leaflets. His faith in the Mother helped him in getting 50 rupee taks in a town called Mangavinar.

A poor family printed 1,000 leaflets. Mother Mary blessed them and they got everything they asked for. A family in old Mangalom channel 33, who came across this message delayed in spreading the same by 15 days, their new automobile met an accident and lost a lot of money. They faced many problems in their family.

As JESUS said, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find.” So ask with faith and you will receive it. Print this leaflet within 10 days spreading this message of our Mother Mary and JESUS. And you will receive all the blessings to achieve what you want. Please do not destroy this after reading. Share it to other and believe in our lady or our Lady of Health.


Feast Day: September 8

*Pray the Hail Mary 9 times*


*From a leaflet I just found inside the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Palanan, Makati City.

-The Picture was sourced from:

A Heart-Breaking Remembrance

On June 13, I’ll be going back to school to pursue another degree. This will be another ride for me because it will take me 4-5 years to finish such degree, not to mention that I’ll need to pass the bar examination in order to become a full-fledged lawyer. A dream come true for sure.

But before I completely turn another chapter, I want to remind myself of what transpired within me exactly a year ago. It was on this day that, after 2 years, I was struck again with Cupid’s arrow–a moment that has gravely affected me in a lot of ways. This experience, I must say, though very painful, has taught me a lot regarding life and, of course, love. Today, the pain of yesterday will once again re-visit me as I write this piece.

It all began on this hour (around 4pm), 365 days ago. I was going to school for my enrollment. It was around 4 in the afternoon when I arrived there. At that time, a historic event that divided the entire nation was unfolded on National Television: The Impeachment Trial of the Chief Justice, wherein such government official would be the first to be convicted through the process of impeachment. Naturally for me, I was excited; for a guy who loves politics, history and law, this would be the main event for me. I would imagine myself being a lawyer, mastering the law at my fingertips, helping my client in his/her distress.

Going back, I was daydreaming when I arrived at the premises of my school for enrollment. I entered our campus, ready to register my subjects for my senior year in my college. After a while, I met my classmates in what would be a mini-reunion. It was all very pleasant and exciting; seeing them after a while gives you that inkling that you missed them. Then, I saw this friend of mine. And… BOOM! Just like that, I started to feel something quite peculiar. Unknown to me at that time, I began to developed feelings for this girl. But I shrugged it off, thinking it was just a small matter of my emotions. Little did I realize that such moment would be the start of something new–new but very,very agonizing.

It was late in the afternoon. Most of my classmates were too busy talking to each other. So, I asked her if she can accompany me in the enrollment process. She agreed. As we were walking together, in a weird yet pleasant way, butterflies were already in my stomach. After I enrolled, she told me that she needed to leave immediately because of a family gathering. Hence, she left quietly. To her, it may sound very ordinary but for me it sounded very, very special.

For the first time in my life, I gazed her walking out through the main entrance of our school. I started to miss her. I do not know why and how those butterflies went into my stomach and those romantic intentions into my head. But from that moment on, I wanted to be with her.

The months went by. My feelings became stronger that I started to have a hard time controlling them. They were like beast, and I was their owner; chaos was everywhere. But in my case, the disorder was within. Then, she started to become more and more attractive, to the point that my emotions would become unbearable to me. This was a bad thing for me because it affected every aspect of my life namely, my relationship with my family, my finances, and my academic life. It was, therefore, very crazy yet heart-breaking.

And so, I had to make a decision: to reveal or not to reveal my feelings to her was the question, as Hamlet would say it. The original plans was not to tell her because of two things. First, I might get rejected. Second, it would affect our friendship! It turns out that even if I do not tell anything to her, our friendship was still damaged because of my actions. The climax of such dilemma happened last August 25, 2012. We were on our class-seminar trip to Nueva Ecija, north of Manila. I wanted to be a gentleman for her. I want to make that day extra special for her. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t end that way. In fact, basing it from her gestures, it seems that she’s giving me mixed signals, much to my ambivalence and sadness. The day ended with me saying my ordinary goodbye to her as she went home.

The following week, I evaluated what happened. It seems confusing. Not able to handle the internal pressure of not loving that woman, I opened up the situation to a friend of mine. This friend was shocked upon hearing the news. Thankfully, she gave me the assurance that she would never tell this to anyone; for that I am grateful. She also advised me that I should reveal my feelings to her. Otherwise, I would regret not telling it to her. Still confused, I asked a second opinion from another friend regarding such predicament. True enough, she concurred with my other friend that I should reveal to the woman of my dreams what I really feel, lest I suffer the pain of regret. That was scary.

I would then meditate and reflect if risking our friendship and jumping into the painful dimension of love would be worth it. As I pondered, I’ve learned that if we want something or someone, we must try. At least, we had a say on the matter as time allowed us. If we let those opportunities come to pass, time might never again allow us to have such opportunity, unless allowed for a second chance. But for me, it was a game of all or nothing.

I reached a decision after the 1st of October. I decided that I would tell it to her before the semester ends.  And so I did it, 8 days later. Upon hearing such development, she was stunned but not surprised. Alas, she would turn me down. I was hurt. But I cannot force her to love me. If I would force her, then it would not be love at all. Love should be given freely. Sad as it seems, her affection was not for me.

Days would pass, she would still talk to me as if nothing happened. It was nice because she was mature enough to handle such very awkward situation. However, it was not the case for me. The pain continued to press in. It was so unbearable that I wanted to distance myself to her. Noticing the growing gap between us, she would always do the first move in talking to me. But because of her friendliness towards me, I would again attempt to tell her again my feelings. Alas, I was again turned down, much to my distress and humiliation. Then I realized, she really valued our friendship. By making such decision, I was thrown–again– into this bottomless pit we call “friendzone”.

As the 1st semester was about to end until mid-February, everything was clueless. I do not know what to do. I was then left to decide on another matter: to end or not to end our friendship. If I chose the latter, it would be nice because we can still communicate; what would make it worse was that if by any chance I discovered that she chose someone to give her affection rather than me, it would be very,very painful. If I chose the former, everything that we shared for the past 4 years would be put into waste.

I did not know what to do. Initially, I chose the latter. Everything was nice at first. It was, however, getting more painful as time went by, not to mention that she has a lot of boy crushes, which is worse and very unfortunate on my part.

Days before my birthday, I decided to place an ultimatum: If she did not want to give me any chance up until graduation, I would have to end our friendship. Indeed, I cannot handle the emotional and psychological pressure of not falling for such woman. I find it hard to maintain our friendship amidst this blooming affection that I have for her.

2 days before our graduation, I wrote her a letter, explaining everything we had for the past 4 years. I also her to her that I still wanted her as my special someone. I gave the letter the very next day. That night, she replied, though through a text message but in a letter format. She reiterated her previous stand before and her desire to remain “just friends”. Since I have already decided on such matter, I chose to ignore her and her text messages. During our baccalaureate mass, I did utter a word to her. Everything was quiet. It was heart-breaking.

Then graduation came. It was something splendid. Yet, I chose to use that situation to ignore and avoid her at all cost. Thankfully, I was able to celebrate such momentous occasion with my other friends. Later that night, she texted me a congratulatory message. She also posed a question why she did not notice me all throughout the ceremony. I did not reply. From that day on, I did not want to talk to her or to update myself everything about her. It was just damn painful!

Now, since our baccalaureate mass, we are not talking to one another. A wasted friendship but a redeemed self I must say. Now, I’m quite better, ready to look to the future with hope and confidence in my heart.

I do not know what the future holds, But, as Paul would say in his letter to the Romans, I believe that everything will be for the good for those who love the Lord. I hope and I pray that God had a purpose for what had happened. I believe in His plan and that He would never change His decision to love me, no matter what.

And so I look on to my future with much Hope and ambition. Whatever I will do will be the result of what I really wanted and needed in Life. I continue to press on.

A fitting tribute to my patron saints

During the recent weeks, I’ve encountered a lot of events, both good and bad. Those experiences really helped me in my individual pursuits. I am indeed thankful that in spite of all those occurrences, I still came to realize the value of knowing, trusting, and loving one’s self while maintaining a strong yet loyal allegiance to Almighty God. Indeed, the two most important allies in our lives are ourselvwa and our God.

Out of those realities is a new kind of “love”–a devotion perhaps–that was found. Hence, this entry.

I have decided to encourage this “love” to everyone as a form of tribute to my patron saints, namely, Our Mother of Perpetual Help and St. Jude Thaddeus. My patron saints, along with my God, were there with me. They saw me in my struggle and in my success. And that is something I am truly grateful for. More than anything else, their help will always be a part of my life.

And off to my first tribute.

When I was young, my mother told me stories relating to the Blessed Virgin Mother. As I grew up, I came to encounter more stories and prayers towards her. I then started a devotion to her, which, however, was cut short when I reached my 2nd year in  my secondary studies. I must admit though that with such hiatus, I became arrogant and self-serving, to a point that I tend to step on people in my victory. The result? I failed in my geometry class the next year. Adding insult to injury, during that school year, I had gained no friends. It might be a small failure to some, but for me, it was my first ever frustration. And then I realized that with arrogance comes his downfall. I was humbled in my defeat. A painful lesson it was. Fast forward to the present, I recently encountered another failure, which might be a hindrance in reaching my dreams. Upon further encouragement by my mother and some relatives, I decided to pray to her once more. I went to the National Shrine of  our Mother of Perpetual Help in Baclaran, Paranaque, Metro Manila. I attended a novena-mass in her honor. It was during that time that I laid down my intention of passing a particular school. Then, at that moment, I remembered and realized her motherly love back in my grade school and high school days; she was always there, guiding me in my journey. As a way of giving back to her, I decided to love her again as my mother, who, I believe, will help me in every step of the way. True enough, she is my Mother of Perpetual Help.

Now to my second tribute.

This second tribute happened simultaneously with that of the first. It started in my senior year way back in my high school days. Upon finishing my prayers and as I went out of the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament at that time, I saw a small novena-prayer to St. Jude Thaddeus. Since I was young and did not know any better, I ignored it. At that time, I failed in my entrance exam at a particular university of my choice. I was then going to submit a reconsideration letter for my application. Guess what: that particular university did not take into account my letter. I then proceeded to another school for my undergraduate degree. 4 years later, a similar situation occurred. On the 2nd day of April of this year, upon seeing my yet again another frustration, I remembered what transpired 4 years back. Thus, I began to pray to St. Jude in its National Shrine in Manila using a small novena-prayer that I found inside the Church. At the same time, I sent the school of my choice for my post-graduate degree an appeal letter.  Coincidently, I realized and remembered that St. Jude was the Patron Saint of Desperate cases. With such realization, I was indeed sure that I am in a desperate case. He came just in the nick of time. I donated some of my savings as I prayed fervently for my intentions to be answered.

Miraculously, my prayer was answered on their respective novena days: Wednesday for Mother Mary and Thursday for St. Jude Thaddeus. As I heard the news, I was astounded. I came to realize that I was not alone in my struggle and in my pursuit of my dreams. I was encouraged and loved by those patron saints of mine. My mission, of course, is far from over.

From those circumstances, I learned that prayers are not only words that we utter for our selves. They are also blankets of hope that guides as we trudge on our obstacles in our lives. With prayers, life becomes more stable than ever.

In Memoriam

Yesterday is the first Friday of the month. As such, I heard mass in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was an honor seeing the monstrance being displayed for the public to see. A fitting devotion to say the least.

As I was attending the mass, it dawned on me that yesterday was also the birthday of my beloved maternal grandfather, Judge Ricardo U. Silang. This man is very important to me because he was the one who helped me find what I really want to become: an advocate and defender of justice. In other words, a lawyer. Nonetheless, he proved to be a capable leader to his constituents and to his family. And for that I salute him.

Carding, as he is fondly called, was born on May 3, 1927 at Calatagan, Batangas to Andres Silang of Mabini, Batangas, and Susanna Urcia, a native of Calatagan. He was the eldest of 9 children. He took his elementary education at Calatagan Elementary School while his secondary studies at Immaculate Concepcion College in Balayan, Batangas. It was there that he would be meeting his future wife. Carding was described as a good leader by his siblings. He would delegate the household chores to his siblings before helping his father hunt in the woods.

After the ending of the second world war, he took the opportunity of getting a college degree. In 1949, he graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in the University of Sto. Tomas. Afterwards, he proceeded on with his Civil Law studies also in the same university, graduating in 1953. He took the Philippine Bar Exams on the same year and passed it. He was rank 11, achieving an over-all grade of 90.25%.

He began his law career when he worked under the Office of the President, then headed by President Ramon Magsaysay. In 1956, he was appointed as a Justice of Peace (now Judge of the Municipal Trial Court) in his native town. He would work there until his retirement. He was also a President of the Municipal Judges Association.

On May 1, 1958, he married his former schoolmate, Otilia Espineli, and produced four children; one of which is my mother.

After retiring, he was urged by the people to ran for Mayor. He initially declined but, upon further encouragement, he eventually ran but to a lower position, a Vice Mayor. He won the election and would initiate reforms in the local bureaucracy. Unfortunately, he would not finish his term due to his failing health. He succumbed to cancer on April 5, 1993.

During the Barangay Elections back in October 2010, I had the chance to interview some of his cousins. They told me that my grandfather was an able leader. He was someone that the people of Calatagan were looking up to. They believed in him. No wonder he was elected as the Vice Mayor. Yet, it is quite sad to not see him fulfill the reforms he once started. But more than that, it is quite impressive that the respect that they have for my grandfather is still there. His legacy continues.

On a more personal note, my grandfather, although not physically present, helped me in finding what I really wanted. At that time, confusion was raining down on me. Thankfully, I had the chance to read his books. Without them, I might be wondering at this moment of what I really wanted. True enough, it is really a great honor to follow in his footsteps. I am proud to be his grandson, just as I am proud to have him as my grandfather. I love him very much.

And to my beloved Lolo, all I can say is: Thank you and I love you 🙂

And that was 2012!

A late notice. Yet something to remember.

Boy, that was fast! I never knew that 2012 would go into the history books just like that! And indeed, a lot of things happened in my life, both in the general sense and in the specific; like a roller coaster ride, I had my share of ups and downs. But more importantly, it was those lessons that made 2012 worth remembering.

Before we proceed further into 2013, let me take you back into my memory lane. The following are the events that occurred in my life for this past year.

OJT Experience

As required by the school, I was obliged to work as an intern with a minimum time of 300 hours. I was required to apply those Marketing skills and principles that I learned for the past 3 years in college. And as such, I was able to have my own working experience, outside the comfort of my home. Unfortunately for me, my internship swallowed my vacation from March up to June, leaving me in the smokes of the Metropolis. I have to admit though that my 340-hour stay in a financial investment company really did help me when it comes to money management. It opened my eyes to the importance of managing your finances. I never knew that saving money would indeed be helpful in the long run of our lives. And thank God I learned those fundamentals.

Impeachment Trial

Also during my internship was another historic event: a trial. But it was not just your your ordinary trial; it is an Impeachment trial. Considered as the “trial of the year” for some, this type of trial that involves the chief magistrate, who was accused of violating the Constitution, was kind of like an administrative proceeding. To make things complicated, the Senate-sponsored trial was televised throughout the country. It was very important for me because this was the only chance that I can spectate on something that is legal, political and historical. Likewise, it gave me the encouragement and an overview on what being a lawyer is all about. One of the weird things about this trial is that most of my siblings and my mother were not thrilled. They even find the language and the proceeding itself boring. But for me, it was like a Television series, full of entertainment and intensity.

Last year of College

So, this year will be my last year in College. A lot of things happened in it. And I am thankful that it did. But the most important of all those happenings was being “inlove”. I do not know what that means but I believe strongly in it. Still, I’m thankful. Currently, I am still finishing my last subjects for this semester. Sad as it may seem but in just a few months time, graduation will finally arrive.

2012 was indeed worth looking back. But 2013 is something to look forward to. 🙂

Believing in the Sun, even if it is not there…yet

The recent days that just passed weren’t that thrilling. In fact, those times were quite painful and frustrating for me because of the notion that I am forced to accept things that I do not want. Everyday, I see things that I can’t–for now–have. Alas, those realizations, at some point, continue to haunt me. But today is very different; at this point, I am quite grateful to God because He gave me another realization. Borrowing the words of a Jewish prisoner during World War II*, this is a good reflection that I just received from God:

I believe in the sun
even when it is not shining
And I believe in love,
even when there’s no one there.
And I believe in God,
even when he is silent.

I believe through any trial,
there is always a way
But sometimes in this suffering
and hopeless despair
My heart cries for shelter,
to know someone’s there
But a voice rises within me, saying hold on
my child, I’ll give you strength,
I’ll give you hope. Just stay a little while.

I believe in the sun
even when it is not shining
And I believe in love
even when there’s no one there
But I believe in God
even when he is silent
I believe through any trial
there is always a way.

May there someday be sunshine
May there someday be happiness
May there someday be love
May there someday be peace

Earlier, I went with my family to a prayer meeting. It was during those times that I still had a hard time trying to accept what was life like. Thank God, as I entered into the meeting place, I received a newsletter, incorporating a message that everyone needs: Trust in God. At first, it was unbelievable. I never knew that God would still continue to hear my cry, inspite of the rebellious things I have done because of those recent frustrations. But as the prayer meeting progressed, I knew that God wanted His message to known, not just to me, but to everyone.

In the prayer meeting, the preacher told stories that proved that God sometimes doesn’t answer our prayers simply because He wants the Best for us.

I came to realize, again, that the frustrations of Life are re-directions for what is Best for us. And earlier, I became thankful to Him because I know, I deserve the Best.

Indeed, Life may sometimes be unfair. But we have to realize that a kind and loving God would allow those things to happen not to punish us but to bring out the greater good. Sometimes, as some people believed, unanswered prayers are the best answers. And probably that is the case with everyone–those people who continue to trust in God.

I truly believe what Psalm 3 emphasized:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways, acknowledge HIm, and He shall direct your paths.



You know what is is: The Law

Recently, I have been exposed to a bunch of legal terms from a very thick book, authored by a Former Election Commissioner here in the Philippines. There, those jargons are given full meaning as defined by the highest tribunal on the land, the Supreme Court. And it got me thinking: Why do we need all those stuff?

Well, those annotations are not your ordinary type of definition found in the dictionary. They are highly important because, aside from the fact that it has a force of Law, primarily it will greatly affect Filipino citizens. And as you all know, the Law is quite simple yet quite complex. And to a greater extent, it is sometimes harsh–so harsh it can take one’s life, as in the case of capital punishment. As a Latin maxim often tells us: Dura Lex Sed Lex, which means “The Law may be harsh, but that is the Law.”

And that is why we need to take a look on how the Law works and know what it contains. The Law is made to preserve order in society. It tries to limit the interest of the State and its constituents. If you remove it, what then will balance interest? The Law is very important and, in my case, quite interesting. Not only will it give commands but also remedies that can be used when there is injury among people. And that is where the Law becomes of help not to the State, but to the citizens in general.

No wonder when you think about the Law, you see (or imagine) a weighing scale, because it tries to balance interest, to a point that no one shall benefit at the expense of the other. Cool huh? Aside from that, it also has a sword for a symbol, to signify and emphasize on its crucial role on maintaing and upholding Justice.

And if you become interested on it more (just like me), who knows, you might even consider on becoming a lawyer and, to a higher degree, a magistrate of a court. Now that is a cool way of serving justice to people! But more importantly, just like any profession, becoming a lawyer and/or a jurist has its duty to serve and help others, that is of course under the bounds of the Law, not the other way around.

Defending the cause of the oppressed and deciding what is just after considering both stories and evidences presented by both sides are crucial roles still needed in society today.

So, the next time you see a Law, or even just Rules and Regulations by a company or a school, do not forget the implications that it might give to people affected by it. Remember the remedies 🙂

Life’s Frustration

Ouch. That Hurt. Yes, it is painful.

Those were the words that I uttered after experiencing a series of unfortunate, unbelievable, and heart-breaking events recently. What’s worse is that despite giving my best in order to achieve an expected goal, I ended up failing miserably. I cannot seem to fathom what just happened. It’s like everything seems to be a blurry vision.

I really do not know why those things ended up badly. To think that I studied hard for it. It also consumed most of my time just for it to be a success. Similarly, my entire well-being, not to mention all my established relationships, were highly affected. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

Inspite of the pain, I know, someday, somehow, I will recover my strength and my happiness. I know that all those frustrations are just redirection to what is in store for me. Probably, as I always believe, this is for the best.

And all that is left for me to do is just to accept it, regardless if I understood those situations or not. After all, what else can I do?

But hey, as the adage goes–and as cliche’ as it may sound–life goes on. Indeed, those setbacks shouldn’t stop me from living the life I projected it to be–and hopefully as God willed it for me. Besides, 10 years from now, when I look back at the things that I have done, I know that I will not regret it because I know I tried. Even I ended failing, at least I was able to prove to myself that when I want something or someone, I did something to get it. I did not let anyone decide for the things or persons that I really want. In other words, I stood up for what I want.

And today, being courageous in pursuing what I want is probably one of the things that I am grateful for.

I do not know what the future holds, but I continue to trust that everything will work out for what is best.

Today and for the rest of my life, I will continue to live to the best of my knowledge and ability because the world ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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